About Us

Hi there! My name is Cyndi Makan and I am a Home-School Mum to Gaby, who is 9 years old. We are currently in our third year of homeschooling and Gaby is in the Third Grade.

My husband, Clifford and I had always felt homeschooling to be the best option, but were concerned that Gaby may need to socialise with children her own age. We somehow thought that maybe she was missing out on an important life experience. So we enrolled her at a Montessori pre-school when she was 4 years old. Later, she started Grade 1 at a traditional school. Unfortunately, the socialization experience was not a good one, as at both schools she was bullied. This in no way made her a tougher child, but rather a very unhappy one. School was not fun for her and she started to lag behind in her work. At the end of Grade 1, we decided to take Gaby out of school and homeschool her. We wanted her to enjoy learning and provide her with a one-on-one learning experience, in a calm and relaxed setting.

Although, I knew this would be the best for our family, it was quite frightening and a somewhat mammoth task for me, as her primary facilitator of education. This blog is about our journey with homeschooling with all it’s joys and heartaches…



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