the Bus

In our short journey with home-schooling we have learnt success does not depend on the curriculum chosen to educate your child. It is a very personal experience. The first term of our home-schooling adventure this year was spent using the Brainline Curriculum for Grade 1 which consisted of endless worksheets. Although this curriculum works perfectly for some, we have found that for a child who has poor writing skills it has proved frustratingly tiresome for both Gaby and myself, as her mum and teacher. We seem to have been rehashing the same old theme of shapes adnauseum since Gaby was 3 years old. Isn’t the learning experience supposed to be exhilarating? (Forgive me, I have an issue with themes..) After much thought, we have decided to tailor-make our daughter’s learning experience, i.e., going back to the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Details to follow…


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