The Real Problem With Homeschooling

Thoughts for a Homeschool Mum or Dad to ponder on…

Praying With One Eye Open

Homeschooling is hard.  Those of us who pursue this lifestyle say it to ourselves and to one another, and we all know it’s true.  In fact, anyone who’s tried to teach her child anything for more than a week begins to see that it’s a more involved process than she imagined.  But why?  Why is it that we say homeschooling is hard?  Unless our child is struggling with a particular learning challenge, why is it a big deal to teach our kids? 

I’ve mulled this question over in my mind for years.  We are approaching our ninth year of homeschooling, so by some standards we are old hands.  On the other hand, we continue to experience challenges in our homeschool after all this time.  As we head fully into the middle school years, we are dealing with challenges we’ve never…

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2 thoughts on “The Real Problem With Homeschooling

  1. Hello Cyndi, thanks for re-blogging my post! I spent a few moments “getting to know you” on your blog and wish to really encourage you on your homeschooling journey.
    My youngest daughter probably would have loved all the social buzz of school, but she would have probably been “labelled” or found herself in the slow-reader group and may have given up! Having homeschooled her at her pace and giving her choices in subjects and topics that she loves to learn, she has blossomed and is now my most avid reader in our family!
    Enjoy your one-on-one time with your daughter and delight in seeing her develop and blossom and grow! This is THE absolute blessing, privilege and honour for us as parents! All in grace,


    • Hello Nadene, thank you for your fine words of encouragement! I have discovered it is hard to be different, but in my heart I know it is better to guide my daughter at her pace (especially regarding understanding math concepts) and build a true love of learning! I really enjoy all the updates on your blog! Thank you!


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