Maths 2015

Math is a difficult subject in our home-school.. as a result I am constantly looking for easier ways to teach it to my little home-schooler. This year, after much encouragement from my husband to tackle Cambridge Primary Mathematics for Grade 3 (SA) or Year 3 (UK). Here are our initial impressions…

Firstly, do not panic when you open the Teacher’s Resource Guide. I must stress, there is no way around it… you need to use this guide.. and advance preparation is absolutely non-negotiable. I will admit, in comparison to other programs, this one really requires dedication and hard work by the parent! I have found it is less stressful and far easier to prepare the week’s lessons the weekend before instead of hastily doing it the night before (or the wee hours of the morning before school starts for the day).

That having been said, my daughter loves it!  There are games on a nearly daily basis to help understand difficult mathematical concepts. We actually have a few laughs during our maths lesson (gasp)…

The textbooks include a Teacher’s Resource Guide, a Learner’s Book and a Games Book (with a CD to print out all the games). I have also taken out an online platinum subscription with Twinkl for powerpoint presentations and additional support, which adds even more fun to the subject..

To be continued…


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