Maths 2015 – Outline

As mentioned in the first post, Cambridge Primary Math Textbooks are not for home-school use. They are meant for Private Schools endorsed by The University of Cambridge to teach their curriculum and to assist students to prepare for the prestigious Cambridge qualifications… We are simply using their system to ensure that Gabs gets a high quality standard of education.  We will attempt to cover the following outline of this course this year in our homeschool:


  • Number and the number system
  • Calculation – Mental strategies, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division


  • Shapes and geometric reasoning
  • Position and movement


  • Money
  • Length, mass and capacity
  • Time

Handling data

  • Organizing, categorizing and representing data

Problem solving

  • Using techniques and skills in solving mathematical problems

For ease of use we are working through the work as suggested.


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