Our Curriculum for 2015 – Grade 3

Dear Friends,

I apologize for not posting earlier this year.  We faced a few personal challenges in our family which has required a restructuring of our scheduled home-school calendar. Home-schooling is indeed a blessing in such times!

In February, we moved to the Fourways area of Johannesburg.  We now live amidst a backdrop of heavy traffic and ongoing roadworks.. the bliss of city life!  Even our faithful school companion, Prince is suffering from the stress here. He has developed bald spots on his otherwise sleek, immaculate and shiny coat.  When we gather in our sunny school room, however, the familiar routine of learning brings a sense of ease and calm into our days.  This year, we are attempting the Cambridge Primary core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science (Stage 3).  Our curriculum also includes Afrikaans, French, Art, Classical Music and Baking.

SUBJECTS Summary List for Grade 3 2015 - School of Gaby

In our home-school journey, it has become increasingly clear that I ( as the Facilitator ) am learning alongside my daughter. It may be more appropriate to change the name of our home-school to ‘School with Gaby”‘ versus ”School of Gaby”.

Details of the resources we are using will be posted shortly.

Until then, bye for now!


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