Our Curriculum for 2014 – Grade 2

Our year started badly… Due to our precarious financial position (and, in a moment of weakness) I decided to put Gaby back into the government school and start job hunting in earnest. After spending a ridiculous amount of money on school clothes and stationery, our little girl went back to school. I, obviously, was not thinking clearly, as after just one day of school, my child came home emotionally and mentally drained from the drama. For reasons I cannot discuss on this forum, we thought it best not to send her back the next day. Shortly thereafter, we resumed homeschooling… despite the economic pressures.

Fortunately, I had already purchased a few textbooks for Grade 2 at the end of 2013 and we were good to go.  A friend had recommended the schedule and Amazon bookstore of Jennifer Westbrooke (Westbrooke Curriculum) and I decided to try it out. (NB: although Jennifer is the same faith as ourselves anyone can benefit from her textbook suggestions).

2nd Grade Package

2nd Grade Package

Incidentally, I had found it much cheaper to order from her bookstore in America (despite the negatives of the exchange rate and cost of postage) than sourcing through a curriculum provider in South Africa.

Here are the subjects and resources we used for the year:

BIBLE STORY: Learn from the Great Teacher – a great book discussing the lessons Jesus taught whilst on earth for adults and children alike.

PHONICS: MCP Phonics Level B Workbook. This book was a delight to use. Gaby’s spelling, grammar and handwriting improved daily as worked through it. (It can be found here: Grade 2 Textbooks from Westbrooke Curriculum).

SPELLING: The 2nd Grade Spelling List found at: Spelling-Words-Well .

GRAMMAR: Scott Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbook Grade 2 .

HANDWRITING: Universal Publishing – Manuscript Handwriting – Manuscript Enrichment Book (see: Westbrooke Curriculum – Grade 2)

READING: This was the year Gaby jumped grades in her love of reading. This was the year she discovered the Nancy Drew series of books by Carolyn Keene at our local library. (See: Who was Carolyn Keene? for more information on the Nancy Drew books.)

MATHEMATICS: Gaby’s math’s skills were still a little weak so I decided to strengthen her Grade 1 knowledge by using Math Mammoth Grade 1 (A+B) – South African version. (see: Math Mammoth).

SCIENCE: The Story Book of Science by Jean Henri Faber – a yesteryear classic. Online Version /  PDF version /  Audio version . We also used the subject matter suggested in What Your Second Grader Needs to Know by Ed Hirsch (can be found in South Africa here: Takealot).

HISTORY / GEOGRAPHY: As suggested in What Your Second Grader Needs to Know by Ed Hirsch and supplemented with books from the library and Youtube.

Although 2014 was plagued with sickness and stresses unrelated to homeschooling, we managed to have a pleasant and productive school year. I am glad we did not give up!


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