Leap Day for Frogs 2019

We need to protect our frogs! If frogs go extinct, you will notice!
Watch this: https://youtu.be/0uK_cTBcx3k (courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium).  This video was posted in 2008!  It is now 2019…  I wonder what would happen if we took better care of the frog population in Benoni?  Perhaps, we would not have such a terrible fly problem.

Here is a poem written by Gaby today.
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Leap Day for Frogs – 2016

On Saturday 27th February, the third National Awareness day for South African frogs was held on the beautiful Tanglewood Farm, Kloof in Kwa-Zulu Natal. See here for more details:  Leap Day for Frogs 2016 and Kloof Conservancy.

As we live in the province of Gauteng, it was, unfortunately, a little far for us to join in the activities! However, we still wanted to remember the frogs, especially, our friends; the African Bullfrogs (affectionately known as Pixies).

a bullfrog next to a busy road

In 2014, we had wanted to organize a community “Bullfrog Walk” in Rynfield, Benoni (a built-up residential area with heavy road traffic). This was to highlight the plight of the bullfrogs migrating between the Sand Pan and the Bullfrog Pan. Many are killed on these roads by speeding cars and trucks. Although, we did not manage to organize the walk; we spread the word to our friends and made cupcakes… when all else fails, we always seem to turn to baking!

This year, we did not have an oven to use to bake something, so we decided to do our next favourite activity; reading. Here is a link to an adaption of Aesop’s Fable: The Bullfrog and the Ox.

Have a great day!