Daily Walk with the Dog

Sorry for neglecting this blog.. Homeschooling is almost as challenging as learning to be a good mum! It has been quite an adventure so far as we have been trying to find our way! Homeschooling is a stressful road no doubt but most good things in life require hard work and not giving up when faced with challenges. I have found exercise very important to relieving stress in our daily life. This year we acquired a puppy, or more correctly, the puppy acquired us on a random visit to the Benoni SPCA. We named him Prince. My daughter, Gaby will shortly be providing more details on her blog about Prince (still to be created..). Exercise is important to dogs, children and especially to middle aged mums. The plan initially was for an “early morning walk” before school commenced to rid of “early morning foggy brain”.. Sadly we have been neglecting this aspect in our curriculum for the last month.. which may explain the reoccurring episodes of burnout.. We will not be conquered and endeavor to make this a priority daily..